Arena MMA & Fitness Center

Founders Message

Welcome to ARENA; the most advanced fitness and functional training experience that Saudi Arabia has to offer.

Through training and martial arts, we search for something inside. We build characters, we take action, we unleash the inner potential and make a difference in our society.

As Saudi Arabia’s first-of-its-kind specialized functional training and martial arts center, ARENA strives to deliver that philosophy on daily basis by bringing together top fitness experts, advanced equipment, modern facilities and the most vigorous functional training programs under one roof for men, women and youngsters in the Kingdom.
Founders Message
Built on the foundation of promoting healthy living and personal development, ARENA’s Executive Committee works closely with renowned fitness and well-being brands such as CrossFit, Master Ricardo Liborio and Parisi Speed School, to provide our growing customer base with a diverse range of cutting-edge programs and a dynamic fitness experience unlike any other.

Our team of experts draw on a multitude of skills and a wealth of sports management experience to redefine the way physical, psychological and social well-being is achieved, which is at the heart of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and its aim to establish a thriving society where all enjoy a good quality of life and an attractive living environment.

To honor our role in reinvigorating social development and building a strong and productive society, we have brought onboard the most qualified experts in fitness and martial arts in Saudi Arabia, and today we stand as the biggest and most prestigious Fitness and Martial Arts Center in the kingdom with 9 state-of-the-art branches that span between Jeddah and Riyadh.

Mission & Vision

To be the prominent fitness group in transforming Saudis to become ambassadors of health and fitness.  Leading by example and creating a sustainable lifestyle for society through movement, regeneration, nutrition and community engagement.
Our Mission consists on guiding results and changing people’s lives in Saudi through access to cutting edge wellness.

Our Core Values

We Practice What You Preach
We Have Integrity
We Are Professional
We Have fun
We Provide Quality Experience
We Respect Each Other, Our Members And The Equipment

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