Frequently Asked Questions

  • ArenA

  • What makes ARENA MMA & Fitness Center different?

    ARENA MMA & Fitness Center is a different kind of gym because our entire focus is on you and how we can help you achieve your goals in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. We are open 7 days a week and have one of the largest schedules and offerings a gym can have. We have world-class facilities and instructors. As a member, you become part of the ARENA family. Our culture is one where we all help each other and look out for each other. Equally important, all of our programs are 100% authentic. At ARENA, we promise that you will get much more for your normal gym membership.

  • Is there a difference between training or learning at ARENA MMA & Fitness Center and training or learning at other academies/fitness centers?

    We stand by our reputation as affiliates for one of the best if not the best Academies on the planet in American Top Team (ATT). At ARENA MMA & Fitness Center, you can expect the highest quality Martial arts & Fitness instruction. The ARENA MMA & Fitness Center Instructors Team comprises exclusively of World Champions and elite instructors with certifications from the world’s best academies. To draw an analogy, it is the sports equivalent of learning how to play basketball from Michael Jordan or learning how to play Football from Leo Messi. If you demand the very best in everything you do, ARENA MMA & Fitness Center is for you.

  • What are the hours of operation?

    We are open 7 days a week! So you can train whenever you feel like it. We are opened from 7:00am till 1:00am with classes running throughout the day. On Fridays, we open at 2:00pm. We will be adding more classes and times in the future. Stay tuned!

  • Who is your typical customer?

    Anyone who wants to have FUN, get FIT, LEARN skills, and Stay Motivated! We have 3 typical profiles at ARENA MMA & Fitness Center: the fun lover, the hobby warrior, and the fighter. The fun lover is someone who wants to get fit and stay healthy by doing a fun activity (instead of going to the gym and doing another boring set on the treadmill). The hobby warrior is someone who loves martial arts or Cross-Fit . The fighter is someone who is an advanced amateur or professional. At ARENA MMA & Fitness Center, segregated of course in different classes and areas, each segment as per its own goals & skills, and all merged up in an cozy family and adrenaline rush atmosphere. We welcome and encourage people of all skill sets, age groups, genders, and fitness levels.

  • Requirements

  • Do I need to be fit to join?

    Absolutely not, at ARENA MMA & Fitness Center, our focus is to help you achieve your personal goals. Whether it is to lose 10 kilos and attain a 7% body fat level, or to bulk lean symmetrical muscles, your goals are within reach with our world class instructors’ team and our Tried & Tested Programs. ARENA MMA & Fitness Center will assist you reach your Ultimate version.

  • Do I need experience to start?

    No, not at all. We will teach you everything. You will have a blast, get fit, and learn a ton! All of our programs are tailored for FUN, FITNESS and LEARNING. In fact, our instructors are exceptional with beginners.

  • Is it safe?

    You have seen all those injuries in Football, Basketball, even Tennis, You will never have any of all that at ARENA MMA & Fitness Center because there is no contact, you can engage in minimal contact, semi-contact or full-contact activities when you wish so and if our Experts team finds you eligible physically and skills wise. At ARENA MMA & Fitness Center, our #1 priority is SAFETY. We have created a safe environment by hiring only the best world-class instructors and using the best quality equipment on the planet. Of course, accidents can happen (just as in any other sport), but they are quite rare. The majority of the ARENA MMA & Fitness Center Staff and Instructors Team are certified in CPR and AED.

  • What equipment/gear do I need?

    It depends on which classes you decide to join. Kindly check our “Gear Needed at 1st workout/class” section under the “Become a member” tab. Please note that everything can be found at the ARENA MMA & Fitness Center Retail Store located in our center.

  • How do I get started?

    You can contact us on 012, or email us on info@arena.sa or send a message to any of our Social Media accounts to arrange a consultation with our experts, or check our “Gear/Documents Needed at 1st workout/class” section under the “Become a member” tab where you can find all instructions

  • Classes

  • What are the classes like?

    Come down and see it for yourself! No words or visuals can explain our exciting classes’ atmosphere. Our classes are dedicated to your FUN, FITNESS & LEARNING. At ARENA, we believe in having a TON OF FUN!!! Our classes are high energy with plenty of music, sweat, and fun.

  • Can I try a class before I sign up as a member?

    Yes! In fact, we encourage you to take advantage of our Complimentary Intro Class! You should definitely test-drive the ARENA MMA & Fitness Center experience before committing to it. We are confident that you will love it. ARENA MMA & Fitness Center offers Complimentary Intro Classes every day at a time of your convenience. To book your Complimentary Intro Class in person at our Reception Desk, online, or please call us at 012. Just come down in sports shoe, a t-shirt and exercise pants or shorts.

  • Can I take private 1-on-1 lessons with ARENA MMA & Fitness Center instructors?

    Yes, absolutely! You will typically learn and benefit at a rate 4 times faster when you have your instructor’s full attention on yourself for a full hour. If you would like to book a private lesson with one of our instructors, you can call us on 012, or email us at info@arena.sa or send a message to any of our Social Media accounts. kindly note that private 1-on-1 lessons are reserved only for ARENA MMA & Fitness Center members.

  • Children

  • What about children?

    Our Children’s Program is fantastic. At ARENA MMA & Fitness Center, we believe that learning martial arts is an excellent way to teach your child about self-discipline, achievement, build confidence, and self-defense. Our Children’s Program is focused on helping your child develop life-skills such as work ethic, discipline, confidence, and more. Call us to learn more!

  • Why is it important for my kids to do physical activity?

    Physical activity is good for your child’s mind, body and soul. Allowing them to live a sedentary lifestyle could have long-term implications for their health. Being active has loads of benefits: Helping your child build a healthy heart and develop strong muscles and bones. Helping reduce the risk of some chronic diseases in later life. Reducing body fat and helping them feel good about themselves. Improving their social and moral development while reducing anxiety and stress. Increasing their opportunities to mix with other children and make friends.

  • How much time should my child spend doing physical activity?

    Children and young people should aim to participate in at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. A recommendation made by the British heart foundation. Kids can build up their muscular strength, flexibility and bone health through climbing, skipping, jumping at least twice a week. Which is why at ARENA MMA & Fitness Center, all of the above movements and exercises are incorporated into each and every ARENA Kids program.

  • Should I worry about what my child is eating?

    By encouraging your child to eat a healthy, balanced diet, you’re teaching them good habits for life. Eating too much salt, saturated fat and having an unhealthy eating habit can lead to coronary heart disease. Eating healthily improves their physical health, wellbeing and their concentration at school. Instead of sweet, sugary and fatty snacks, offer them alternatives such as fruit and veg, rice crackers, dried fruit and yoghurts. Healthy living is a way of life and not just half or an hour of playing