ArenA Heroes

Give your child Self-confidence, Discipline and Physical wellbeing.

Give your child Self-confidence, Discipline and Physical wellbeing.

Our Kids MMA and fitness program closely follows the American Top Team curriculum practiced worldwide. We promote the core values of discipline, respect, and honors, whilst encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Our Heroes MMA program incorporates Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muai Thai and Wrestling. Students will learn how to use martial arts for effective self- defense in a controlled manner. A sense of discipline will be instilled in all of the students as we strive to aid the development of their mental and physical wellbeing through martial arts. As part of our Heroes fitness program, students will learn how to develop their flexibility and physical strength through fun and professionally designed workouts which complement our MMA program.

For our Heroes program we provide a dedicated section of ARENA with specialized equipment designed specifically for use by kids. The kids’ section also features a dedicated private changing facility and a waiting lounge for parents and carers.

ARENA Heroes MMA and Fitness program is a truly unique opportunity to give your child a sense of self-confidence, discipline and physical wellbeing in a safe and professional environment. ARENA has the most experienced MMA and fitness experts in Saudi Arabia working to ensure kids enrolled at ARENA will have a life changing experience and develop lifelong transferable skills.